Cooking with Kids Part 2 – OT Perspective

Cooking is an activity that happens in all households. While it seems like an everyday, monotonous task, it is filled with wonderful learning experiences when shared with children. Cooking with kids? The reaction from many may be, “that isn’t something I look forward to.” This is understandable. Letting kids “help” nearly always takes more time, energy, and creates bigger messes …Read More >

Cooking with Your Kids Part 1 – Speech Perspective

Some of my earliest childhood memories include helping my mom and dad in the kitchen. From a young age, I was standing on a stool at the stove stirring spaghetti sauce or moving hot dogs around a frying pan with a fork. Cooking with your kids and involving them in food prep is a great way to teach sequencing and …Read More >

Why Does My Child Fall So Much?

Do you often ask yourself, “Why does my child fall so much?” Is it normal? Do you worry that your child is going to get hurt? There are many reasons why your child could be falling. Some are typical of a child’s development and others might require intervention to correct. The leading cause of hospitalization due to injury in the …Read More >

Effects of Screen Time on Language Development of Young Children

Infants, toddlers, and preschoolers are growing up with increased access to technology. Let’s be honest, there are 3 year olds who can navigate an iPad better than I can! It’s common for parents to feel proud about how technologically advanced their child is. Or, to brag about how an app helped teach their child a basic concept (e.g., colors or …Read More >

Early Literacy: Reading, Writing, Learning

Early language and literacy set the foundation for success in school. For this reason, parents must foster these skills early. What We Know About Early Literacy Language and literacy develop at the same time, and development begins in the first three years of life. Thus, children gain extensive knowledge of language, reading, and writing well before they enter kindergarten. A …Read More >

Lazy Summer or Deconditioning?

The weather is hot, the gym is closed, and you’ve been relaxing – enjoying the lazy, hazy days of summer. Taking a day off here and there is no problem. However, if you’ve been consistently missing your regular run, bike ride, or gym session, you might notice some aches and pains showing up. As a result, you could have the …Read More >

Return to School

Return to school? Ready to return to school?? I myself am nervous and troubled!!! I am concerned that my son’s education is not being treated as a priority, and I will not be enough in supporting him. At the onset of COVID-19 I, like so many, got a taste of what my child’s learning looked like. For him, his poor …Read More >

Summer Scavenger Hunts

Can you think of anything better than a warm summer Montana day? The long days and warm weather make for great opportunities to explore the outdoors with your children by organizing summer scavenger hunts. The Gallatin Valley has no shortage of trails and rivers to discover. Going on outside adventures with your children is also a fantastic and fun way …Read More >

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