What is Occupational Therapy? Part Two – 5 Through 18 Years

Last week, in Part 1 of “What is Occupational Therapy?”, I spoke about what OTs look at for in the age range of birth to 4 years. I will now discuss ages 5-18 years. Remember, I am looking at the overall development levels of the child. I need to know this information in order to help families and children reach …Read More >

What is Occupational Therapy? Part 1 – Infant Through 4 Years

“What is occupational therapy?” is the most frequently asked question I hear, but I think it is the wrong question. I think the question should be, “What does a pediatric occupational therapist look at?” To begin with, for children and youth, I am looking at the overall development levels of the child. I need to know this information in order …Read More >

Running Quick Tips

Running can be a great way to get outside and stay in shape! If you are new to running or if you do well with keeping up your weekly mileage, injuries may happen. These running quick tips can help. Seven Running Quick Tips for Injury Prevention #1 – The 10% rule The number 1 way to prevent injuries in the …Read More >

Sign and Speech and Language Development

Parents often wonder about using baby sign and how sign impacts speech and language development. Sign language and baby sign are not the same. American Sign Language (ASL) is an official language. It follows its own vocabulary, grammar, and social rules. ASL uses hands, fingers, facial expressions, and body gestures to express wants and needs, and for socialization. Similar to …Read More >

Why Reading Speed is Important

Why is reading speed important? People often assume that students who are slow readers have difficulty remembering the sounds that alphabet symbols make or that they have difficulty sounding out words. While this may appear logical, it is not always true.  There are students who have these skills but continue to be slow readers. They can sound out most words …Read More >

Silence is Golden

This past summer, I took a few days off from the everyday chaos of life. Why, some may ask? It was summer, beautiful outside, and I live in Montana! This year has been anything but ordinary, mainly due to the effects of COVID. Spring break was cancelled and the kids were home schooled starting in March. I am still hoping …Read More >

How to Potty Train

Now that it has been determined that your child(ren) is ready to begin potty training, we now need to talk about HOW to potty train and be successful! Potty training is a huge step for your child and for you. The secret to success is: PATIENCE and TIMING! Potty training success hinges on physical, developmental, and behavioral milestones, not age. …Read More >

Is it Time to Potty Train?

Is it time to potty train? How do you really know when the right time is? Whether you as a parent are ready to be done with diapers, your child needs to be potty trained for childcare, or you just want to save money, we all have our own reasons for potty training. Whatever your reason may be for potty …Read More >

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