What Does the First Pelvic Health Physical Therapy Visit Look Like?

Pelvic health is a normal thing for many physical therapy to talk about every day. But a lot of others still don’t know what pelvic health physical therapy is. Our goal at MOSAIC is to teach people what pelvic health is sooner rather than later. So, what is pelvic health? Pelvic health is a type of physical therapy that focuses …Read More >

October is AAC Awareness Month

Did you know that October is AAC Awareness Month? Do you remember your first word? Chances are it is logged in a family member or caregiver’s memory or tucked away in a baby book, marked as a milestone in a developmental checklist of sorts. The floodgates open as knowledge continues to be gained and expressive language explodes through those early …Read More >

Twice Exceptional Children

Twice exceptional children, also known as 2e, refers to gifted children who have one or more specific learning disabilities such as dyslexia, attention deficit disorder, or autism spectrum disorder. These children often require special consideration in school because they have above average intellectual ability, as well as specific learning disability. Thus, twice exceptional children have significant strengths in some areas …Read More >

Infant Play Activities

You just got home with your new bundle of joy and now you can feel the pressure of making sure you meet all of the demands of raising a child. Between all of the snuggles, feeding, and diaper changes, it is important to let your baby have some tummy time and play time. How do you play with a newborn? …Read More >

Therapeutic Listening ®

Therapeutic Listening ® is a program that can be beneficial to address impairments in the auditory system. The elements of music and sound play a significant role in our development. Orienting to sound, locating sound, selecting sound, attending to sound, and discriminating sound are only the tip of the iceberg for the auditory system. In addition, our auditory system provides …Read More >

Six Primary Communication Functions of AAC

The number of topics an individual communicates about each day is extensive. Communication helps us form and maintain relationships, express likes/dislikes or wants, ask and respond to questions, etc. These skills are just as important for individuals who use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) systems as they are for you or me. Similar to us, individuals who use AAC require …Read More >

Why Sequencing is Important

What is sequencing, and why is it important? We use sequencing as a part of our daily routine. It involves ordering events based on their chronological timeline. Essentially, these are the steps that we use to complete a task (e.g., hand washing or following a recipe). For example: Washing Hands: Wet hands Put soap on hands Lather hands with soap …Read More >

Social Emotional Learning

There is a lot of talk in the world today about Social Emotional Learning or SEL, as well as social topics. We also see and hear from clients daily about their child’s behavior and the idea of the iceberg analogy when speaking about behavior. Here is an occupational therapist’s perspective about this topic. Occupational therapy has always considered social emotional …Read More >

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