Summer Scavenger Hunts

Can you think of anything better than a warm summer Montana day? The long days and warm weather make for great opportunities to explore the outdoors with your children by organizing summer scavenger hunts. The Gallatin Valley has no shortage of trails and rivers to discover. Going on outside adventures with your children is also a fantastic and fun way …Read More >

Growing up Montana Style

I remember growing up Montana style. I would ride my bike on the dirt hills, bring garter snakes home in my water bottle, catch butterflies, and try to hatch fish eggs in my swimming pool. To my parents’ chagrin, the garage resembled a small zoo of bugs, arachnids, reptiles, and all kinds of science experiments. I did what every other …Read More >

Kegels are Not the Answer for Everything

There is a common myth going around in regard to pelvic floor dysfunction: “Isn’t it all about Kegels?” First, let’s start with defining the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor refers to layers of muscle that span the bottom of the pelvis. The pelvic floor’s job is to: Support pelvic organs Help with urinary and fecal continence Help with sexual performance …Read More >

Crossing Midline

You might hear your occupational therapist frequently referring to the term “crossing midline”. Crossing midline is a vital skill for proficiency in fine motor and gross motor skills. Imagine a vertical line cutting your body in right and left halves. Therefore, your ability to reach across that line refers to the term “crossing midline”. This is what allows you to …Read More >

Communication Milestones 30 Months

Communication milestones at 30 months continue to expand. Toddlers begin to show how many words they understand by the way they respond to what adults say to them. They are able to answer questions meaningfully and accurately, and they can follow simple suggestions. Toddlers love being read to and participate during story time by pointing to pictures or commenting appropriately …Read More >

What Is Early Intervention? Why Is It Important?

Early intervention (EI) is a general term used to describe services that are offered to support babies and young children with disabilities or developmental delay, usually from birth to 3 years of age. Often, early intervention includes physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. Why Is Early Intervention Important? There are a ton of skills and milestones that children meet …Read More >

Science Experiments for Kids

Here are 4 easy science experiments that you can do with your kids at home. They use (mostly) common ingredients that you already have on hand. Allowing your kids to play and get messy will activate their sensory system. Additionally, if you are interested in more ideas, Learning Resources has hundreds of free activities to can do at home to …Read More >

Ideas To Keep Your Kids Busy While Schools Are Closed

Not everyone is prepared to be at home with our kids instead of sending them to school. Need something to keep your kids busy while schools are closed? Here are some ideas, including some ideas that are NOT screen time. We will add to the list as we get more. Stay safe, be kind, practice social distancing, and wash your …Read More >