Summertime S’mores Making!- OT style

Believe it or not, a weekend camping in the mountains has so much to do with occupational therapy skills. Especially when we bring the age old favorite dessert: S’mores! A camping adventure for your kids can provide many opportunities for executive functioning, fine motor, and sensory experiences. Grab your tent, summertime s’mores supplies, sleeping bags, and sunscreen to prepare for …Read More >

Summer Activities to Fend off Boredom

With summer’s arrival comes advertisements for all the latest fun water and outdoor toys. Many of them are great options to promote development of language, fine and gross motor skills, as well as social interactions and independence. As much fun as it for children to pick the most eye-catching item in the store aisle, making thoughtful purchases of new toys …Read More >

Feeding Skills

Feeding skills are developmentally acquired through the process of motor learning. This means that children need to practice the skills, and they need comfortable practice opportunities given to them. In this series, we will provide information for the first year of oral motor development and how to support feeding skill development. 3-5 Months Feeding Skills: Mouthing Mouthing is when the …Read More >

Exploring the World Through Sensory Play

From infancy through childhood, children learn about their world using their senses or sensory play. They do this by touching, tasting, smelling, seeing, moving, and hearing. Even as adults we tend to learn best and retain information when we engage our senses. How many of us have walked into a room to be filled with memory only because of the …Read More >

Is My Child Ready to Start Talking: Importance of Prelinguistic Language

Did you know, as soon as babies are born, they start to develop communication skills? Before toddlers start talking, babies learn prelinguistic (before language) skills. These skills will help to support language learning later in life. Prelinguistic communication is the way babies communicate without using words. Even as adults, we continue to use prelinguistic skills to communicate. Prelinguistic communication includes: …Read More >

Hiking With Kids

As winter turns to spring, we all start itching to get outside as much as possible. Even if you love winter, it’s nice to find a kid friendly, and snow free spot to enjoy some time outdoors. This is especially important living in Montana since the spring and summer seasons are so short. Hiking with your kids is a great …Read More >

Activity Analysis Breakdown: Occupational Therapy

Do you ever wonder what your therapist is working on when they appear to be “just playing”? This child appears to only be playing. However, read on for an activity analysis of the skills the child is practicing from an occupational therapy perspective. Play Play food provides a wonderful opportunity for social engagement during play. During this activity, a therapist …Read More >

Critical Thinking Through Stories

Books play an important role in developing social and academic skills in children beginning at a very young age. Firstly children acquire knowledge by reading and by being read to. They further increase their understanding of story text by asking questions about the stories to which they have been exposed. Not only does questioning develop a child’s understanding, it develops …Read More >