Cesarean Sections and Pelvic Physical Therapy

Cesarean sections, or C-sections, are one of the most common surgeries performed. Twenty two percent of women in the United States have undergone one. Some C-sections are planned and scheduled, and some are performed due to complications that occur during labor. A C-section is a major abdominal surgery. Yet, most women do not receive any education or support when it …Read More >

Language, Working Memory, and Processing Speed

What is working memory and how does it relate to language? Working memory refers to the brain’s process of storing information, then recalling the information later on to complete tasks. It’s a storage system used for tasks of daily living, including engaging in conversation, following instructions, and solving problems. For example, if you ask your child “what’s 2+2?”  Your child …Read More >

Tips for New Graduates Transitioning to New Therapists

Like any profession, you have to start somewhere. Starting out as a “new” anything is always challenging and so exhausting mentally. The transition from title of “student” to “new grad practitioner” poses many challenges related to the actual work, as well as adjusting to new changes in your personal schedule as well. Being a new graduate has had an interesting …Read More >

Postnatal Return to Running, Part I

The first part in the postnatal return to running series after childbirth will address signs and symptoms of pelvic floor and/or abdominal wall dysfunction as well as risk factors. One question that frequently gets asked is, “When can I start running after giving birth?” Some women can’t fathom running soon after birth and some go in way too quickly! Running …Read More >

Voice and Aging

Voice is one aspect of communication. The sound of our voice is also something with which we identify strongly. It is uniquely us. But like the rest of our body, our voice changes with normal aging. How does our voice change with aging? Our voice may sound thinner, less resonant. This is the change that is most often associated with …Read More >

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Let’s face it, all of this time at home has left us feeling burnt out on cooking and eating from home. It’s a constant concern over what and when to cook, let alone that dreaded grocery store trip. To top it all off, we just got done with the holidays where we probably found ourselves resorting to holiday treats. Honestly, …Read More >

Understanding Toileting Accidents and the Extremes

Childhood bladder and bowel issues are more common than one would think. Understanding toileting accidents can help improve how you approach problems. I remember going through this experience with my own son and wondering what the heck was going on? He was 3 years old, and he would not poop. I knew he was scared. I knew he was getting …Read More >

Should I Ice My Injuries?

You have probably heard of RICE after an injury (Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate). But recent scientific evidence reveals that icing injuries is actually outdated advice! And here’s why: ice helps to decrease inflammation, but for healing to occur, our bodies need inflammation. Let’s take a look at how tissue healing works for a little science lesson: Whether you just had …Read More >