Headaches and Physical Therapy

Headaches can be a major cause of disruption to our daily routines whether that be at home, at work, or in a social environment. Headaches can come on without warning and last from minutes to days. There are a variety of different triggers that cause headaches, not to mention an assortment of different types of headaches. Getting more sleep, drinking …Read More >

Ritz Chicken Recipe

Ritz chicken is a great recipe to have kids help cook while teaching them about basic cooking and cleaning skills. They get to experience a variety of textures while having fun mashing up crackers! Prep time: 10 min Cook time: 60-70 min Ritz Chicken Ingredients 1 lb. boneless chicken tenderloins 1 box Ritz crackers 5 tablespoons butter Shredded cheddar cheese …Read More >

Stress and Trauma in Children

Stress and trauma are issues many children have to deal with. Trauma is a real or perceived threat to life or serious injury. Experiences of stress over time and the stress exceeding the child’s ability to cope can lead to big cognitive shifts and behavioral changes. For many of our children, the stressors brought on by the pandemic have been …Read More >

Silk Tie Dye Easter Eggs

Here’s a twist on traditional dyed Easter eggs – tie dye Easter eggs! It’s fairly simple to transfer the patterns from 100% silk ties (any 100% silk material works) onto white eggs. Upscale an old sentimental tie, or have fun thrift shopping for inexpensive silk material. This unique technique is certain to provide a set of silk tie dye Easter …Read More >

Oreo Dirt Cups

Oreo dirt cups are a simple snack/dessert cup which can be used across a variety of occasions and themes including: birthdays, holidays, springtime, dinosaurs, or excavation. Feel free to get creative! Have your kids help. Cooking provides opportunities for kids to work on reading, math, and direction following. And it can provide a sensory experience if they can do some …Read More >

At Risk Readers

Literacy development in the preschool and elementary school years sets the foundation for reading and writing success in school. Children begin formal instruction in reading and writing once they begin kindergarten. Each grade builds on skills learned in the previous grade. Children who struggle in the early grades fall progressively further behind their peers as they advance grades. Early identification …Read More >

Let’s Bust Speech Therapy Myths

Speech-language pathology, otherwise known as speech therapy, is a highly misunderstood concept. Sure, we have all likely heard about it. But unless we, or someone we know, directly benefits from speech therapy, our understanding will likely be misconstrued. This article will serve to debunk the most common speech therapy myths. Myth 1: Speech therapists only treat stutters or lisps. These …Read More >

Cesarean Sections and Pelvic Physical Therapy

Cesarean sections, or C-sections, are one of the most common surgeries performed. Twenty two percent of women in the United States have undergone one. Some C-sections are planned and scheduled, and some are performed due to complications that occur during labor. A C-section is a major abdominal surgery. Yet, most women do not receive any education or support when it …Read More >