How to Potty Train

Now that it has been determined that your child(ren) is ready to begin potty training, we now need to talk about HOW to potty train and be successful! Potty training is a huge step for your child and for you. The secret to success is: PATIENCE and TIMING! Potty training success hinges on physical, developmental, and behavioral milestones, not age. …Read More >

Is it Time to Potty Train?

Is it time to potty train? How do you really know when the right time is? Whether you as a parent are ready to be done with diapers, your child needs to be potty trained for childcare, or you just want to save money, we all have our own reasons for potty training. Whatever your reason may be for potty …Read More >

You Need a PT to Coordinate Your Fitness Regimen

Physical therapists aren’t just for people that are injured or have had surgery. Physical therapists can also help healthy people improve their fitness. Here are 5 reasons why you need a PT to coordinate your fitness routine. You Want a Baseline When you see a physical therapist to improve your fitness, you’ll get an assessment of your strength, range of …Read More >

Speech Therapy Treatment for Adults

When you think about a speech therapist, you might associate them with working with children. However, did you know that speech therapy can also help adults? In this article, I will explain common disorders in adults that are associated with speech therapy. I will also explain the evaluation process. Common Speech Therapy Disorders in Adults There are a variety of …Read More >

Fly Fishing and Occupational Therapy

How can fly fishing possibly have anything to do with occupational therapy? If you live in Montana, you likely have experienced one of the most amazing outdoor adventures this great state has to offer: fly-fishing. Just like many skills in life, fly-fishing incorporates many therapeutic benefits. It provides a host of opportunities for children (and adults!) to experience a variety …Read More >

Is Squatting Bad for Your Knees?

When it comes to squatting, it is likely you have heard “don’t let your knees go past your toes” or “deep squats are bad for your knees.” The good news is, those are myths, and we should not fear these movements! Myth #1: Squats Past 90 Degrees are Bad for Your Knees First, squatting (especially deep squatting) is a vital …Read More >

Tips to Improve Teletherapy for Your Child

Since March, teletherapy has become more widely used so children and adults do not miss therapy appointments. It is not ideal to have a child sitting in front of a screen for therapy, especially because a lot of schools are on modified schedules, but it may be the only way that is available to them. Here are some tips to …Read More >

Let’s Talk Chores

The word “chores” usually brings on the moans and groans of dread, but it doesn’t have to. Age appropriate chores can benefit your child’s development. It can help prevent boredom and make family life run smoother. Benefits of Chores Life skills: Helping around the house allows children to gain the confidence to do day to day tasks independently. Therefore, it …Read More >