Caring for Dementia

Caring for dementiaBeing a family member and/or care partner of someone with a neurological impairment, specifically dementia, can be beautiful and fulfilling. However, caring for dementia can be exhausting at the same time. Around the year 1990, Teepa Snow began the early stages of developing a program referred to as the Positive Approach to Care. It would become world renowned in teaching and training care partners and clinicians how to positively interact with those suffering from a neurological impairment. This makes caring for people with dementia easier.

Teepa stresses the importance of developing a way to communicate with loved ones when verbal communication and typical interactions change secondary to changes occurring in the brain. Teepa stresses the importance of including meaningful activities to fill this person’s day. Specifically, Teepa’s approach surrounds 5 main activities that should always be the focus of intervention for the individual.

5 Things for Caring for Dementia

Firstly, provide activities similar to “work” that allow the individual to be productive. Teepa believes work allows all people to feel value in what they are contributing to others. This leads to feeling value within themselves.

Secondly, provide leisure activities. All humans find and incorporate hobbies into their daily routine, simply because they like them and they bring them joy. Check out these Festive Activities for Family Members with Dementia for ideas to provide leisure activities. It can be modified for other celebrations or day to day activities.

The third activity is self-care. This includes all personal things we need to take care of for optimal safety, health, hygiene, and independence.

Last, but not least, the fourth activity Teepa stresses is rest and restoration. All humans, no matter the personality trait, require participation in activities that will help them feel recharged, essentially filling their cup up.

Because of Teepa’s knowledge and framework, she has been educating care partners and clinicians on the most positive and fulfilling ways to engage and care for your loved ones.

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