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Mosaic Rehabilitation provides adult and pediatric physical, occupational, and speech therapy services to clients in Bozeman, Belgrade, and the surrounding areas in need of care due to trauma, injury, disease, surgery, congenital disability, or developmental issues. Our goal is to help our clients reach their full potential. In order to meet this goal, our team of experienced physical, occupational, and speech therapists perform specialized evaluations and develop treatment plans specific to each client’s specific needs.

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Language, Working Memory, and Processing Speed

March 1, 2021

What is working memory and how does it relate to language? Working memory refers to the brain’s process of storing information, then recalling the information later on to complete tasks. It’s a storage system used for tasks of daily living, including engaging in conversation, following instructions, and solving problems. For example, if you ask your child “what’s 2+2?”  Your child ...Read More >