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Stress Incontinence: A Little Pee When I Sneeze is Normal, Right? Well, Not Exactly…
Stress incontinence after childbirth is common, but it is not normal. Physical therapy can help. Whether you had a vaginal birth or a c-section, a weakened pelvic floor can lead to lack of urination control. However, a weak pelvic floor isn’t always the culprit. This is why it is important to be evaluated by a
stress incontinence
Have you ever heard of interoception? Interoception may be identified as our eighth sense. Firstly, interoception allows us to understand what is going on inside our body. Then, it helps us know what action we need to take in order to respond to what our body is telling us. When our bladder is full, we
Recycle Easter Eggs With These Fun Ideas
Spring! New growth, sunshine, and warmer weather are a welcome sight following winter. Along with spring comes Easter and, of course, that means a visit from the Easter Bunny! The Easter Bunny often visits homes and hides a bunch of plastic eggs filled with wonderful surprises. Somehow, each year, that one box that holds those
recycle easter eggs
Fine Motor Skills and Their Importance
Fine motor skills…exactly what are they, and why are they so important? Fine motor skills are those skills that require refined use of the small muscles of the hand. These muscles are responsible for controlling the hand, fingers, and thumb. Development of fine motor skills make it possible for children to complete important tasks such
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When Reading Difficulty is not Dyslexia
Reading disability is often attributed to dyslexia. People frequently use the terms dyslexia and reading disability interchangeably. However, not every student who experiences difficulty with reading is dyslexic. The student may have a developmental language disorder which impairs reading skills. Although both impact reading comprehension, the term reading disability is part of a more general
reading difficulty
Elevate Your Heart health With Physical Therapy
Heart disease is a leading cause of death and disability. This shouldn’t be a surprise – it’s been at the top of the list for years. You know that taking care of your heart is important. That means doing things like eating right, avoiding smoking, and exercising regularly. What most people don’t think about is
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