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Topics in Physical Therapy: Plantar Fasciitis
What is Plantar Fasciitis?  Plantar fasciitis is inflammation in the thick tissue (plantar fascia) of the bottom of the foot.  The plantar fascia connects the bone in the heel to the bones of the toes which helps to form the arch of the foot. What Does it Typically Feel Like? Tightness and/or pain on the
Helping Your Child with Articulation at Home
A new school year is here! Your child is continuing or just beginning speech- language therapy for sounds that they are having difficulty saying. Here are a few tips to encourage your child to speak more clearly at home. Tips to Improve Speech Clarity If you understand only part of what your child is saying,
20 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions for Kids
Preschoolers I will clean up my toys and put them where they belong. I will brush my teeth twice a day. I will wash my hands after going to the bathroom and before eating. I won’t tease dogs or other pets – even friendly ones. I will avoid being bitten by keeping my fingers and
Topics in Women’s Health: Considerations After a Cesarean Section
The cesarean section (c-section) rate in the United States continues to rise.  Statistics for 2010, show that one in three women gives birth by c-section. With numbers that high, it’s necessary for physical therapists to understand the complications of this surgery. Infections and Cesarean Sections The first consideration is the rate of  infection at the
Minimize Your Child’s Risk For Sports Related Injury
School sports season is now underway. This is an exciting time for the millions of children who are beginning or returning to a sport. Unfortunately, it also brings the  potential for injuries. As many as  20% of children who participate in sports activities will be injured each year. As a parent, there are things you