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Speech Sound Development
It’s an exciting time when your child starts using words to communicate…but when do speech sound errors like “tar” for “car” go from cute and age appropriate, to areas of concern? Specific sounds and speech patterns develop at different times, improving how well a child is understood by their parents, peers, and caretakers. By 18
Navigating the Screen Time World
Screen time is an inescapable reality today. There is however, strong research that too much screen time can have serious health consequences. In November of 2016, the American Academy of Pediatrics released a policy statement with research backed positions regarding screen time and young children. Continue reading for a summary of that statement. Who Should
Motherhood, The Body Changes Nobody Tells You About
Congratulations! You’ve had a baby! Now you get to experience all the challenges and joys that motherhood can bring. A mother’s world revolves around that little bundle of joy. Sure, now you may pee a little when you laugh and/or sneeze. You can’t sit up in bed as easily as you used to. Your usual
Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy
Peezing: verb Sneezing and peeing at the same time “I had no idea there was physical therapy for this!” This is one of the most common phrases I hear in my practice. Although it is gaining more exposure, many women still have not heard of pelvic floor physical therapy. A great deal of women I
Body Mechanics Education
Body mechanics play a significant roll in preventing and treating pain of all kinds. Poor body mechanics can place additional stress on certain areas of the body which can cause irritation or inflammation.  Here are a few general recommendations: Lift heavy objects with even weight distribution. Lift with the legs when possible, keep your core
Infant Reflux
Has your little one ever spit up after a feeding? This may occur even an hour or two after eating. Maybe he burped and something consequently gave him a sour face? Or he started to move his tongue in and out for example, and then you noticed him swallow? If so, he was likely experiencing