Is it Time to Potty Train?

Is it time to potty trainIs it time to potty train? How do you really know when the right time is? Whether you as a parent are ready to be done with diapers, your child needs to be potty trained for childcare, or you just want to save money, we all have our own reasons for potty training. Whatever your reason may be for potty training, these tips should help guide (and determine) if you and your child are ready. Also, these tips should help navigate the potty training process.

So, Is Your Child Ready to Potty Train?

Here are signs that your child is ready to start potty training:

  1. Pulling at a wet or dirty diaper
  2. Trying to hide to poop or potty
  3. Awaking from a nap with a dry diaper
  4. Telling you they need to go or telling you that they have gone
  5. Interested in the toilet

Making the Best Attempt

Above all, make sure you and your child are ready. There is not a magical age to potty train. When your child is showing signs of readiness, make sure you can commit. It is best if you can find a stretch of time to dedicate to potty training. Therefore, an extra long weekend would work well.

Secondly, don’t be shy. Teaching your child to use the bathroom is not an area where you can by shy and timid. Children often learn most by watching. If your child can watch and learn from you, then they will feel better about using the toilet.

Finally, don’t give up! You will be exhausted and probably tired after day one of constantly running to the potty. Don’t stop! You will be tired of cleaning up messes on the floor or down the side of the toilet. You may even have an entire load of laundry in one day. KEEP IT UP!

Keep It Successful

Initially, give incentives. Make sure that you talk to your child and get them excited for their success on the potty. Remind them of all the cool things that they will get to do when they are a “big kid.” Incentives include talking to them about being able to go to a movie in the theater, swimming in the big pools, miniature golfing, etc. Keep them focused on whatever it may be that they would like to be able to do.

Secondly, if incentives fail, resort to bribes. If the incentives are not working, it is OK to resort to bribery. Make the bribes small. Offering them a piece of candy, sticker, or small toy can all be motivators for using the toilet. Sticker charts can work well and build up to a fun toy. Keep in mind, these bribes are small, nothing expensive or elaborate.

Another option is books. Read books about using the bathroom. Some can be fun and interactive where they get to flush the toilet or put stickers on a chart. In addition, reading a favorite story while on the toilet can also help. Lastly, be creative and make the potty training process exciting. Keep it fun and entertaining. And remember, if you decide that it is not the right time to potty train, that is okay. Try again later. For more potty training information and tips, check out Potty Training 101 and 8 Tips that Work!