Recycle Easter Eggs With These Fun Ideas

recycle easter eggs

Spring! New growth, sunshine, and warmer weather are a welcome sight following winter. Along with spring comes Easter and, of course, that means a visit from the Easter Bunny! The Easter Bunny often visits homes and hides a bunch of plastic eggs filled with wonderful surprises. Somehow, each year, that one box that holds those plastic eggs goes missing… so off to the store to buy more! Needless to say, many families have a very plentiful supply of plastic eggs. Here are some fun, simple, and creative ways to recycle those plastic Easter eggs that also have a learning component.  Bonus, they can be used anytime throughout the year, and kids love them!

Letter and number practice

Write letters or numbers on a slip of paper and place each one in an egg. Kids can practice identifying them and writing them. For slightly more advanced learning, have eggs with corresponding numbers of items for them to find, count, and match to the printed number. And to expand on letter concepts. kids can name an item that starts with the letter they found hidden in the egg.

Spelling or sight word practice

Write spelling words or sight words on a slip of paper, and put one in each egg. Kids pick an egg, and read the word that is hidden inside. This can easily be expanded to writing a simple sentence using the word.

let recycled Easter eggs choose story time books

Write down favorite or new book titles and put one in each egg. Kids love the surprise factor of finding out what story will be read. This can also help with eliminating struggles of who gets to pick the story…it is all up to the egg!


Sometimes having kids help with simple chores ends up being a chore itself. Fill each egg with the name of a job /chore. This is a fun way to help kids learn how they help around the house.

recycle Easter eggs by filling with money

What kid does not like money! Fill eggs with a coin, and have your child pick one egg color, and then find all the eggs of that color (hiding the eggs can add to the fun). Once you kids find all the eggs, they can match coins or add up the coins. Maybe use the money filled eggs as a reward for completing the chore from the activity above!

fill recycled Easter eggs with snacks

Fill the eggs with small snacks. Things like raisins, nuts, dried fruit, chocolate chips, and mini marshmallows work great. Let your kids choose an egg to see what special snack the egg is holding.


Separate the eggs and either hide them or place them in a container, and have kids find the matching half and put them together. In addition to the skill of matching, this activity helps develop fine motor skills.

These are only a few ideas of how to recycle all those plastic eggs. Plastic eggs come in a variety of sizes, patterns, and colors that make the list endless. Check out some of more creative uses at Twiniversity. Some of them will surprise you! For more fun ideas about how to use an everyday item with your kids, check out our blog, Cups – More Than Just for Drinking.