Therapeutic Listening ®

Therapeutic Listening Therapeutic Listening ® is a program that can be beneficial to address impairments in the auditory system. The elements of music and sound play a significant role in our development. Orienting to sound, locating sound, selecting sound, attending to sound, and discriminating sound are only the tip of the iceberg for the auditory system. In addition, our auditory system provides information such as:

  • Spatiotemporal organization: Involving balance and visual systems to help us know where we are and where things are in relation to ourselves.
  • Praxis: Involving how to plan movements in all environments. Includes timing and rhythm.

So, given the importance of the system, occupational therapy oftentimes includes treatment to address the auditory system in a variety of ways to support desired outcomes. One program used by OTs is Therapeutic Listening ®. This program is a sound-based intervention offered in addition to a comprehensive therapy program.

Therapeutic Listening ® can Support Treatment for:

  • Poor attention
  • Difficulty with play skills and social play skills
  • Difficulty with communication
  • Sleep, feeding, bowel, and bladder control
  • Challenges with movement
  • Sensory challenges

The Therapeutic Listening ® program includes daily listening to music that has been modulated to support varying levels of need. The OT trained in the protocol provides individual planning for each child. In addition, they will prescribe the necessary duration and activities needed for success with the program. This program can certainly be extremely helpful in reaching the goals for the child and family. Therefore, children who show difficulty with movement, attention, and responding successfully to sound can benefit greatly from this program. For another perspective, check out this video about a family experience with Therapeutic Listening ®.