Tips to Improve Teletherapy for Your Child

tips to improve teletherapySince March, teletherapy has become more widely used so children and adults do not miss therapy appointments. It is not ideal to have a child sitting in front of a screen for therapy, especially because a lot of schools are on modified schedules, but it may be the only way that is available to them. Here are some tips to improve your teletherapy experience.

Make the most out of your child’s teletherapy sessions

  • Use a computer or laptop, if available. A working camera and speaks are a must. Phones and tablets may be more difficult to set up and the screens, especially on a phone, may not be adequate for what the therapist is having the child view or be ideal for the therapist/child interaction.
  • Download the program your child’s therapist is using and make sure to test the camera and audio before your child’s appointment.
  • Do not put your child’s back against a window as this can cause glare on the computer screen and make it difficult to see your child.
  • Headphones may help the child to attend to therapy tasks better, especially if they are in a noisy environment.
  • A reliable internet connection is necessary as video and often sharing of the therapist’s screens and other activities occur. A quieter space, like a library, may have access to high speed internet if unavailable in the home.
  • When getting ready for therapy, try to have the child set up in a comfortable and quiet place. Limit distractions, such as those that can occur in a busy kitchen, hallway, living room, etc. where people are coming and going.
  • Ask your therapist ahead of time for any materials that the child may need. That way, you are not having to search for them during therapy.
  • If your child is old enough they may not need you sit with them for therapy. Make sure you are close by in case the child or therapist has any questions or you need to help troubleshoot a technology problem.
  • Encourage your child to have fun and do their best. Therapy isn’t always fun, and teletherapy can present its own challenges. Hopefully, between you and the therapist, you can help your child achieve their goals.

Ask questions!

Lastly, always make sure to ask questions or voice concerns to your therapist. Teletherapy can be tricky and sometimes therapy sessions do not go as planned. This happens in the clinic as well. Therapists do their best to adapt and make sure your child is still receiving quality therapy. It is a learning process for everyone! For more tips on how improve your child’s teletherapy, check out this article. And if your kids are like most and doing remote school at home, here are some ideas for activities to keep your kids busy!