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Is Your Child Ready For School?
Are you wondering why we are talking about school readiness when it feels like school just started? Do you have a child who will be starting kindergarten next fall?  Or have a child in kindergarten? Now is the time to start working on skills that your child will be expected to already have when kindergarten
Gross Motor Milestone Series: Crawling
Crawling is a major milestone that really allows babies to independently explore their environment. Crawling strengthens the extensor muscles of the trunk and head and increases core stability, which are important for later gross motor skills, such as standing and walking. It promotes shoulder stability, which is important for fine motor tasks such as handwriting
Building Play Skills for Healthy Children and Families
Play can be defined as “any spontaneous or organized activity that provides enjoyment, entertainment, amusement, or diversion” (Parham and Fazio, 2008, p. 448). Play is one of children’s major jobs—how they occupy their free time and learn. Building play skills is an important activity for your child because play helps to facilitate positive growth and
building play skills
Gross Motor Milestone Series: Standing
Standing is a general term for a skill that encompasses many gross motor milestones. Today we will look at lower extremity weight bearing, standing at a support surface, pull to stand, and lower from stand. Standing activities demonstrate leg and trunk stability, which are necessary for and indicative of a child’s readiness to walk. Free
5 Ways To Prepare Your Body For Pregnancy
Ensure that your body is ready to carry a baby by addressing any pain or problems associated with posture or weakness before pregnancy. Here are some physical therapist (PT) tips to help prepare your body for pregnancy. These will also help to guard against musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction both during and after. Strengthen Your Pelvic
An Insider’s Perspective: Getting Help For a Struggling Child
  “I’ve been a pediatric OT for 8 years.  I can handle parenting. Even a tricky kid would be no problem for me,” was my general line of thinking. Then Judah came along. We longed for my son, and his arrival into our family four years ago has brought so much joy. Judah has developed